Friday, August 30, 2013

whoops! I forgot I had a blog!

My, my, how the year has flown by!  I had intentions of writing a race report for all the races that I've done this year, but now I think I may just do an overview of the last eight months.  It's been so crazy busy for me with school, training, and life in general!  I'm not complaining at all, life is awesome.

So starting the year off, mine and Derek's first race was the Pasadena RnR half.  Derek's best friend died about a month before and we didn't train properly for that last few weeks.  We both ran in honor of Nate.  The 1/2 was great for about the first nine miles, I was on pace to go sub 1:40 but the wheels fell off and I imploded!  I ended up running a 1:47, but it was the most miserable last couple of miles I have ever run!  It sucked!  Derek fell apart around mile 8 and ended up just under two hours.  We were happy to be finished that day.  We then went to Vegas for a long weekend to drink, shop, and gamble! 

view @ the Wynn
next up we did the Big Rock Tri out a Lake Perris.  I highly recommend this race.  It's small, well organized and well-run.  This particular race day was really foggy in the AM and once you were about 50 yards out on the swim you couldn't see anything!  People were swimming in every direction and it was totally chaotic!  I ended up being the 1st OA female!  My first OA win, it was pretty awesome.  

Love my Betty kit!  Looks awesome and is comfy!
 In May we went to Maui for some relaxation!  Derek was the most amazing husband ever and got us the same suite we spent our honeymoon in.  It has the most amazing view of Black Rock.  He practically has to drag me out of the room everyday to get me off one of the patios.  We swam, ran, and paddle boarded almost every day.    Other than that we drank, ate, and laid by the pool or on the beach.  Pretty much a perfect vacation in my eyes. 
view from the suite. 

My dad, me, and Derek

another one of the view.
July came Vineman 70.3!  My favorite race of the year, a full race report will follow.  Vineman will always have a special place in my heart.  I had a course PR by 5 minutes and had so much fun this year.  I will say that I was way better trained than I have been in the past and never really had the "what the hell am I doing" moment this time around.  We stayed a few days after for wine tasting and shopping!  Two of my other favorite things. 

Vineman race start for Derek!
That's pretty much the year in a nutshell.  Right now I'm working on speed for the Pacific Grove Tri in September (two shorts weeks away).  I really want to break the 30-34 course record of 59:09 that was set in 2000.  Last year I did it in 1:01:19.  So this year I need to shave off a little more than two minutes!  I can do it!  After PG Derek and I will be back to run the Big Sur Half in November, not sure if I'm going to go for the sub 1:40 again or pace Mary to her first ever sub 2.  Either way it will be fun!  I'm also super excited about the Big Sur half because the ladies from my lulu running group, Pink Lemonade will all be there and I'll finally get to meet some of my crazy lulu fanatics! 

Leopard Sharks in Catalina!

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