Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where does the time go?

It's been a busy month.  Derek and I went and watched the last stage of the Tour of California in downtown L.A. (our old stomping grounds).  It was really cool to see all the pros and watch them, they are incredibly fast!   We rode the train from our house in Pasadena to downtown, which was nice that we didn't have to drive.  The day was really hot, but we had a lot of fun.  I forgot my camera and had to resort to crappy iPhone pics, sorry. 

I got 3 in the frame!

We also had family come visit us over Memorial Day weekend, which is always nice!  We hardly ever get visitors so it was fun to go out to dinner, eat way too much, drink, shop and do family stuff.  Unfortunately, we ended up taking the weekend off of training and only got in one long run.  Oops, but family is important. 
Breakfast from Marstons, good but so not healthy.

The last few weeks have been great on the Swim, bike, run front.  We've been logging lots of miles on the River Trail, Rose Bowl and pool.  The last 2 Sundays we got a late start and didn't finish our rides until noon, and had long runs off the bike after which were somewhat miserable because of the heat.  Plus where we run off the bike is on a black, asphalt path with absolutely no shade, not optimal.  I don't sweat that much and the heat really bothers me, but I was able to maintain 8:30 miles for a 6 mile run in the heat, which made me feel a lot better especially due to my calf.  I just hope that Vineman isn't hot this year, I'm one of the last waves to go (8:22 start time) so it could potentially be really, really hot on the run.  Or with all the hot runs Derek and I have done lately, I'll be ready for the heat!  I did get this snazzy little thing from TP Therapy cool point, I've only used it on one run so far so I'm not quite sure if it works or not.  It seemed to help, but the verdict is out still.

Derek and I both had Retul fittings done recently with Julian Franco of Franco Bicycles  Julian is the nicest guy and has made me so much more comfortable on my bike!  What a difference.  My fit was way off and I was sitting way too far forward on my seat.  Both Derek and I are already averaging 2-3 mph faster without even trying!  I feel so much stronger and faster on my bike.  My next road bike will probably be one of theirs too.  They basically will build you whatever you want!   You get to pick everything instead of buying a bike and then having to re-buy every component to make it exactly what you want.  I think Derek is already planning his out and will probably give me a wish list on the day I pass the CSR! 

I was so excited last weekend when an IM race in Lake Tahoe was announced.  We went back and forth and couldn't decide if we wanted to do it.  Well, it turns out we waited too long and it's sold out, poop!  So we're going to volunteer and do it the next year.  Hopefully by that time we'll also be living back in Sacramento and will be able to go up and train on the course.    I'm a bit disappointed but I guess it wasn't meant to be!
Ok enough of my ramblings.  Derek and I are off to Pismo this weekend for a little vacation!