Friday, December 14, 2012

My favorite triathlon things

It's been a little slow on the training front lately.  Since around Thanksgiving I've had an awful cold, laryngitis, and then the flu.  Trust me it's hasn't been the best the last few weeks!  But I'm finally on the mend and feel well enough to start running again, albeit a little slower but running nonetheless.  It's been damn cold too, for me anything below 50 is cold to run in and I must have about 10 layers of clothes on (which inevitably get peeled off) I tend to look like this.
I know it's a bit excessive, but I hate being cold!
Anyway back to the purpose of this post.  Here are a few of my favorite triathlon related items in no particular order:
This is the best tasting drink mix I've ever had!  It is really light and fresh tasting and leaves very little to no after taste.  My favorite is the Lemon/Lime flavor but they all taste really yummy.  It even still tastes good after it's warm from being in the sun on the back of my bike.  Most performance drink mixes taste too salty, or too sweet and this one is just right!
Thanks to Scape my skin has not turned to leather and I will not look like Magda from "There's Something About Mary"  Derek and I have been using Scape for about three years and I don't think I've been sun burnt in that time.  This stuff stays on and does not come off, even if you sweat, swim, etc.  I use this on all training rides, runs and events.  One application before Vineman last summer and I didn't get burned at all on the ride/run.  Plus is doesn't leave you sticky and weird smelling. 
I love me some IRT!  Derek and I both ride the i585C combo, and love them!  They are super responsive, smooth, fast and durable.  Plus it's a smaller local company and I love being able to call and talk to Ray the owner if I have any questions.  Their customer service is amazing and they really do whatever they have to to take care of their athletes. 
Oh, Betty how I love thee!  This is probably my most favorite thing!  Kristin aka "Betty" makes the sickest most amazing cycling and triathlon apparel out there.  I hate pretty  much 99% of women's cycling apparel because who wants to wear something that doesn't fit right and is covered in stupid flowers?  Betty Designs has awesome colors, cool designs and is edgy yet girly at the same time.  I've always loved skulls so it was a match made in heaven when I saw her logo is a skull and butterfly!  I'm hoping that this year my Christmas is going to be a BD Christmas since pretty much my entire list was made up of her kits, swim suits, visors and well everything on her website!
What women wouldn't want to wear this while riding her bike?
I've been a luluaddict for years!  And pretty much only workout in their stuff  (other than on the bike).  I'm also sad to say that I wear lulu stuff pretty much every day but I figure that I'm going to wear comfy stretchy pants as long as I can!  One day very soon my work life will be filled with dress slacks and heels, ugh.  Lululemon fits amazing, breathes really well and most important makes you look cute while running, working out etc. 
Happy Holidays!